It is only when we know about the signs of diabetes we will know how to protect ourselves and enjoy a disease free life.

Types of diabetes

Most diabetes signs are similar in Type 2 and Type 1. However, in both of the cases, there are higher glucose levels present in the bloodstream and not in proper quantities in the blood cells.

What Are The Signs Of DiabetesIn case, of type 1 diabetes, heightened glucose levels is said to be attributed due to lack of insulin. It is caused by destruction of cells that are insulin producing.

In case of type 2 diabetes, body cells tend to become resistant towards the insulin, which is produced by the body.

Hence, in both the cases, cells do not derive the designated insulin levels, thereby causing the person to be prone towards getting these signs.

Diabetes signs

•    Making frequent trips to the bathroom: It is regarded to be a sure sign that the person is heading towards having diabetes. If there is present excess glucose in blood, the person may feel an urge to urinate frequently. In case, insulin in the body becomes non-existent or ineffective (depending upon if the person has been affected with Type 2 or 1 diabetes), kidneys would become incapable to filter glucose back to blood. It leads the person to becoming overwhelmed and try extremely hard towards getting that additional water out from the blood, for diluting glucose. It is because of this, the bladder remains full and makes the person to run to the bathroom twice in an hour.

•    Insatiable thirst: At times, the entire bottle of water might not seem just enough. If it happens all the time, if the person gets hands on the bottle, then some problem could take place in the person. If this takes place along with making frequent trips to bathroom, then it is a clear sign of heading towards diabetes.

•    Unintended loss of weight: This type of symptom is more prevalent with people who suffer from diabetes of the first type. Here, pancreas is said to stop producing insulin. It might be result of viral attack which has affected pancreas cell or autoimmune response case, wherein body attacks cells which produces insulin. Since body cells do not get any glucose, they start to begin searching for energy source. Then it starts to turn towards muscle tissue and fat for energy, thereby breaking them down, hence, causing rapid weight loss. In Type 2 diabetes, everything happens gradually and weight loss although present is likely not to be noticeable.

Understanding the early signs is sure to help the person to take necessary precautions and to check with a good physician and have the appropriate medication and diet sets to prevent further development of diabetes.